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    Cooperation & Flexibility
  • Quality patient care takes a team effort. You may be asked to “fill in” for a missing staff person or to help in an unfamiliar task when needed. You may be able to offer suggestions on your work that can ease time and effort requirements. Immediate patient needs may call for a change in routine. Try to meet temporary challenges and changes with a “can-do” attitude.

  • Initiative
  • While everyone works to a different tempo, your job has specific tasks that must be started and finished on time. There are many “unassigned” jobs that also need to be done when you are not quite so busy. Ask your supervisor if you feel you need additional training for your position or if you see a job that makes sense as part of your daily routine

  • Patient/Staff Relations
  • The patients are the reason you are here. Your dealings with them should always be courteous and calm, whether in person on or the telephone. Deal with other staff members in the same way. Ask your supervisor for help if conflicts arise.

  • Demeanor & Dedication
  • Not every day is a good day. Employees should always try to maintain a positive outlook in front of patients and other staff members, as well as an enthusiasm for the job. Be proud of the place you work. If you’re unhappy with a situation, talk to your supervisor. Don’t just complain to co-workers, or worse, do this where patients can overhear you.

  • Dependability
  • Your job is essential – and other staff members depend on your performance to do their own jobs. Arrive and leave on time. Let your supervisor know if you have a need to be out of the office during the day. Don’t take planned time off without filling out the necessary paperwork.

  • Organization
  • Prioritize your work so that your team mates can also accomplish their jobs. Focus on the task so that it can completed quickly and competently. Look for ways to do your job better.

  • Productivity
  • Use the time you have in the best possible way. Ask for help if you need it. Your work speaks for you to others. Make it say something good.

  • Quality Improvement
  • Participate in quality improvement activities for Kintegra.

Volunteer Statement of Confidentiality*

  • I promise to hold in confidence all information regarding patients of Kintegra/Community Health Partners/HealthNet Gaston. I will not violate the confidential relationships between the organization, its clientele, staff and volunteers. I will not remove from the office any written records or copies thereof. Any written records I may be responsible for producing shall be and remain part of the organizational files.

  • I accept full responsibility for maintaining the confidential and private nature of all records and information. I further understand that I can discuss patients only with my designated supervisor and/or designated administrator.

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